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Dog Headstones – Pet Memorial Stones

We have a wide range of pet grave markers for dogs to choose from, all made with high-quality materials. Our headstones are made from durable granite that will stay in good condition even outdoors. You can choose from a variety of stylish and unique design options that will show your affection for your furry friend.

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When you leave your loved one a beautiful pet grave marker, it is something special that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Our skilled artisans have created these unique Grave Markers specifically for our furry friends. They are an excellent way to remember them and leave them in a special place.

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We’re here to help you with your order. We take pride in our quality and service, so you can be sure that your dog headstones will be of great quality and delivered in perfect condition. We hope you have a wonderful time with your new dog headstones!

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Dog Memorial Stones

Keep the memory of your pet alive with a Pet Memorial Stone!

Dog owners know how unique their pets can be. Whether shy, rambunctious, brooding, or gentle, dogs’ personalities always shine through. Every dog loves playing fetch, treats, and laying the furniture, but only yours loves tennis balls, swimming in the lake, or barking at birds. Your canine companion deserves to be suitably commemorated with such a range of distinct attitudes.

All three of our pet tombstone designs allow you to add a personal touch with an engraved message while keeping to a classic design on 7,000 PSI engineered limestone. Our standard version includes an engraved border and four font options for your dog’s name and personalized message. Our Deluxe version came with additional customization to your choice of decorative icon and engraved border.

You can choose from eight icons in both the Deluxe and Luxury versions to represent your late pet. The Luxury version features angled stone, a curved lunette at the top, and an optional remains vessel covered with an engraved rosette. Finally, you may visualize your stone pet memorial with our virtual mock-ups beforehand to ensure you are laying your pet to rest in a way that best captures their life.

With exceptional customer service, high-quality limestone, and several options for personalization, remember your beloved dog by highlighting the quirks and joy they brought to your life on a memorial that stands the test of time.

Standard <span>Pet Memorial Stones, Gravemarkers, Headstones for Dogs, Cats, and other pets | 7,000 PSI Engineered Limestone</span>

Standard Pet Memorial Stones, Gravemarkers, Headstones for Dogs, Cats, and other pets | 7,000 PSI Engineered Limestone

Our Standard pet memorial stone features a timeless design with an engraved border and a personalized inscription to commemorate your pet.


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Deluxe <span> Pet Memorial Stones, Gravemarkers, Headstones for Dogs, Cats, and other pets | 7,000 PSI Engineered Limestone</span>

Deluxe Pet Memorial Stones, Gravemarkers, Headstones for Dogs, Cats, and other pets | 7,000 PSI Engineered Limestone

Our Deluxe pet memorial stone features an engraved border and your choice of decorative icon next to your personalized inscription.


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Luxury Pet Memorial Stones, Gravemarkers, Headstones for Dogs, Cats, and other pets | 7,000 PSI Engineered Limestone

Our Luxury pet memorial stone is the ultimate tribute to your late pet. The angled stone features a curved lunette with an optional remains vessel covered by an engraved rosette.


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What are Dog Grave Stones?

One of the biggest challenges for pet owners who have recently lost a dog is that they often feel reluctant, even embarrassed, to admit that the loss of their beloved dog can leave them in a sad state. Losing a companion can leave us feeling as if there is a large void in our lives.

In the event that a dog is lost, it is important to create a tribute in their memory. This tribute can be adequate and affordable, but it must be appropriate for the memory of the companion we are honoring. For many people, grave stones created in honor of pets can be an effective way to cope with losing them. A dog grave stone may act as both a beautiful memorial and an emotional support system during times of grief.

Dog memorial graves are simple stones that will hold a profound meaning. These elegant memorials are made of tough materials like granite stone. Granite has long been utilized to create memorials as it is very durable and can withstand harsh elements, retain shape, for many years even decades. You can personally create one for your dog and put many different things on your pet's memorial stone. You may put their dog's name, dates, message, or even pictures.

Another option is to buy premade or personalized memorial stones to save time. We are always ready to accept orders and create your very own personalized dog grave stones. Either you buy it, or make it yourself, memorial stones will always be a great way to remember a departed pet.

Where should you put a dog's memorial stone?

There is no one answer to this question since each pet owner will have their own preference for where to place their dog's memorial stone. Some people choose to put it in their backyard, while others may opt for a more public spot such as a park or beach. Ultimately, the decision of where to place the stone is a personal one and will depend on what feels right for the individual.

How do you sleep after your dog dies?

It's never easy to lose a pet, and it can be even harder to deal with the aftermath. Losing a dog is often like losing a member of the family, and it can be tough to know how to cope. Here are a few tips on how to sleep after your dog dies.

First, try to keep a routine. This can be difficult, but it's important to stick to as much of a normal schedule as possible. This will help your body and mind to adjust to the loss.

Second, make sure to get plenty of rest. It's important to give yourself time to grieve and heal. Try to avoid working or doing anything too strenuous during this time.

Third, create a comfortable sleeping environment. This may mean making sure your bedroom is dark and quiet, or it may mean using a noise machine or earplugs to block out any outside noise.

Fourth, consider using relaxation techniques before bed. This could include reading, listening to calm music, or taking a warm bath.

Finally, remember that it's okay to cry. Crying can actually be beneficial as it helps to release emotions. Don't be afraid to let yourself feel the pain of the loss.

All of these tips can help you to sleep after your dog dies. It's important to take things one day at a time and to be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself time to grieve and to heal.

Why does losing a dog hurt so much?

There are many reasons why losing a dog can hurt so much. For many people, their dog is not just a pet but a true member of the family. Dogs offer us companionship, love, and security, and when they're gone, we can feel lost and alone. Additionally, dogs provide us with routine and structure, and their loss can disrupt our lives in a major way. And finally, because we form such strong bonds with our dogs, their death can be a powerful reminder of our own mortality. All of these factors can combine to make losing a dog a very difficult and painful experience.

How long does it take to grieve the death of a pet?

It is said that it takes half as long to grieve the death of a pet as it does to grieve the death of a human. So, if you were grieving the death of a human for two years, it would take you about one year to grieve the death of a pet. Of course, this is just a general guideline and everyone grieves differently. Some people may find that they grieve the death of a pet more deeply than the death of a human, while others may find the opposite to be true. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and each person will experience it in their own way.